AccuGPS: GPS Tracking Solution for the Future

AccuGPS is seeing rapid growth with its proven tracking solutions on the 4G/LTE network for AT&T and T-Mobile. With patented antenna design and innovative technology, AccuGPS is expanding its customer base rapidly.

AccuGPS provides true turnkey solution with its intuitive design and superb customer service. We offer competitive pricing without long term contract, and we provides seamless transactions for customers who are still on 2G networks. We will make sure your service is up to your satisfactory.

Our technology is future ready. We used the most reliable cloud computing service platform, and our platform’s architecture is modular so our solution can be tailored to best fit your business need.

AccuGPS strives to become a leader in ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) industry. The products AccuGPS provides now include: High Accuracy Tracking Solutions, Vehicle Remote Diagnostic System, Federal mandate ELD, Property Management Locators, IFTA and Vehicle Immobilizers.

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