General Questions on AccuGPS Tracking Solution

Q: What is an AccuGPS Tracking Solution?

A:  An AccuGPS Tracking Solution provides the customers capabilities to track and manage their vehicles or equipment in real time, via an easy-to-use webpage or app on smartphones.  It includes both the hardware and the software systems.

Q: Who should consider using AccuGPS Solutions?

A:  Anyone who manages a fleet of vehicles or a number of outdoor equipment.  Our typical customers include fleet managers, … and business owners.

Q: How can an AccuGPS Tracking Solution help me?

A:  Short term benefits: safety, convenience, and efficiency

  Long term benefits: reduced cost, increased revenue

  First, a manager gets to know the vehicle’s location in real time without calling the driver. This is not only convenient, but also greatly improves the driving safety by removing the disturbance to the drivers on road.  

  Second, features like Trip Replay and Trip Timeline provide detailed route traces including accurate stop locations and stop time periods.  Managers gain better understanding of the work efficiency of their team members, and can adjust the work loads and schedules accordingly to reduce cost and/or increase revenue in the long term.

  Third, the monthly report feature gives summary on mileage, fuel consumption, working time, and speed statistics for the whole fleet, which can be exported to an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet by a simple button click.  This can help both the Finance/Accountant and the HR/Management personnel for their tasks.

  Besides, there are many more features such as Point of Interests (POIs), Geo-fence and ELog that facilitate the managers in various aspects.  For details please see here.

Q: What is an AccuGPS Tracker?

A: An AccuGPS Tracker is a small device usually installed on a vehicle, and reports its location near real-time.  By default, the report frequency is every 45 seconds currently. The tracker connects through the fuse box or the lighter jack of the vehicle, but it does include a small battery so it can work for a few hours when disconnected from external power source.  For more details, please consult our support team or installation partners.

   A Tracker is best fit for vehicles that move a lot within a day.

Q: What is an AccuGPS Locator?

A:  A GPS Locator is similar to a tracker but reports its location much less frequently, just a few (1-5) times a day.  The number of reports per day is configurable via the webpage or the app.  Besides, the water-proof Locator has a much larger battery, which 1) lasts about 1-2 years without recharging, and 2) can be recharged wirelessly.

  A Locator is best fit for quasi-static equipment such as dumpsters and …, which moves position every a few days or even weeks.

Q: Now I’m interested in AccuGPS Tracking Solution.  How do I start?

A:  Thanks for your interest!  Please contact one of our friendly sales team member here.

Features of AccuGPS Tracking Solution

Q: What is Point of Interest (POI) and what is it for?

A:  A POI is a place of interest for you to monitor, based on your business needs.  Typical POIs include company’s office, customer offices/sites, and contracted garages (e.g., for fleet maintenance).

Q: What is Geo-fence and what is it for?

A: It is a defined area upon entering or leaving, GPS trackers can trigger actions or/and notifications. It is a very useful feature, for instance to report a vehicle has arrived at certain location.

Using the AccuGPS Software

Q: How/where do I get the AccuGPS app?

A:  For iPhone users, please download the AccuGPS app from the AppStore.

  For Android users, please download the AccuGPS app from Google Play.

Q: How to manage my fleet via webpage?

A:  Open your preferred browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Explorer/Edge, or Firefox), go to http://www.accugps.com , click Member Login, type in your username and password, click Login, and the intuitive manager webpage will show up.